New Rising Era of Good Old Indian Stone Art with use of booming online store and social media platforms. We're  on the verge of losing our beautiful cultural art and the solution is to use the cause which is preventing it.

We always want our surroundings to be more elegant and Admirable. This desire leads us to establish decors in our home. And if we are looking for fascinating decors then what`s the better option than our own Indian Handicrafts.

Product ShowCase -

The Story

Adventure of  started when our founder saw that Indian Handicrafts are not getting a proper marketplace to sell their hard working sculpture and artifacts. They are trying their best to preserve our old India but they are unable in drawing an attention of modern age people.

From StoneArt to Gift Artifacts  | Crafted and Designed by Indian sculptors

India`s rich cultural heritage has given us many home decors and eye soothing artifacts. But marketplace for those artifacts is very rare. And, due to diversification in this product is wide, attempt to make a single marketplace was never made and craftsmen never get a fair price for his hard work. Here, at GetMeCraft, we have implemented a gateway for craftsmen directly connected with Art Enthusiast.

The Deliverables 

GetMeCraft is providing an open Market to explore the Unique Indian Product like stone handicrafts, marble handicrafts and many other Indian Handicraft Products with very artistic designs. Customers have already loved our other products like White Marble Handcrafted Articles, Black Stone Handicraft Articles, Sandstone Handicrafts and on top that all variants possible for Marble and Sandstone may it be from Keshariyaji (Rishabhdeo), Makrana, Vietnam, Rajsamand, Jaisalmer areas of Rajasthan.

Customer Jollity being our prime motive, we see that our customers get what they looks for on, a perfect marketplace for exclusive and Unique Marble/Sandstone Handicrafts.

As they say, Starting was fate, Reaching out to artisans was a choice, but falling in love with the idea of India was beyond our control. Let’s relive that old exclusiveness of India together again. 

People started showing their love for GetMeCraft's Sculptures on Social Media like FacebookInstagram & Twitter.  Gradually it also motivates founders to bring all the sculptors around the india, together.  Which dug the first foundation of the online store.  

Currently, with over 5000 Indian origin sculptors it has more than 10k products on online and offline inventory.  

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