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Tale Out Of Replutation

Published: December 03, 2017

It's been a while since i posted last, 

but no Worries,

Today i've got something different, a story telling sort of poem which i created with the titles of songs From taylor swift's Reputation Album

Here We go (vroom :P)

Are You....Ready for it?

This is the End Game

You were the King Of My Heart

Oh You were so Gorgeous

&  for you only i wore that backless Dress 

We Rode to the Club in the Gateaway Car 

Oh! & Wasn't it sexy 'cause we were dancing with our hands tied

But then i heard you saying you love her when you were drunk

It broke my Delicate heart 

Which i kept in a trunk

So It goes.,

Now Look Wat You Made Me Do

Yeah, I Did Something Bad but Don't Blame meyour love made me crazy(But it felt good)

Call It What You Want But This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things, honey

So i'll bid you a good bye

On the New Year's Day

That's how reputation unfolded 😉

PS: 'em titles are Highlited in bold & Underline😌

Tags: #Love #Crazy #Storytelling #Poem


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