• 10-Steps for health and happy living

10-Steps for health and happy living


There are many reasons for being healthy and on the other side of the coin you can find many reasons, Oops no let me correct this with “many excuses” not to work for a healthy life. Some of us believe that working for a healthy life will make you more healthy day by day and some of us want to work for someday on health and rest days they will still mess up with their health by unhealthy diet and ruinous daily routine. 

Achieving good health is not a one-night task. Buddha says "To keep the body in good health is a duty" and you have to follow this duty till death. It's easy to promise yourself that you will care and eat healthy food from tomorrow, we all do that and regret it but instead of regretting it, go along with these 10 baby steps toward your health and happy life.


1 Take the first step - 

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Do not regret what you did in the past, why you are late, or why you can't focus. Just start with a new page and make a new plan. You are not late so better to be later just give yourself one more chance and work hard this time. Throw away all or reasons to not work out on yourself this time. Love yourself and put yourself and your health on the top of the priority list. 




2 Grow ageless mindset -

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Be bold and calm-minded. Do not underestimate yourself and do not give up so easily. Being ageless is not the thing for the outside body it all works on one side of your body and mind. Having a different view from others is not bad so do not let someone distract you from your imagination. Be you and Do whatever you and your heart want.





3 See the possibilities -

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If you think you can’t make time for such things then search for possibilities when you can make time when you can be this much happy to see yourself healthy. Do not let people judge you. Do it for you. The likelihood that if you roll out one minor improvement you may make way for significant satisfaction. In some cases, even the littlest move in reasoning or doing can set out the greatest freedom. Here's the way to start, just start.



4 Keep moving forward -

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Life gives you ups and downs daily but that’s not the point because the point is to survive. Whatever comes in your way to success just jump out of it and move ahead. We human beings upset ourselves by overthinking and unnecessary stress. But keep moving, do not demotivate yourself. 




5 Treat your body as a temple -



 We all love to look pleased but we do not work on it every day which we should do. We see occasions coming and chances to get ready at that moment we observe that we are not looking good in our favorite dress because of weight put on or our skin is not glowing because we never treated it nicely. We feel down and guilty for all this and decided to take care of all those things from tomorrow. But why should we wait for tomorrow just to start it anyway from today? Your body, Soul, and Mind need your attention and care. 


6 Meditate and hydrate -

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Meditation helps you to clear your mind and water helps you clear your body. Both are important to keep your mental health and physical health pure. On a live date study, doctors noted that due to a rushed lifestyle and less rest all humans are depressed and facing anxiety in their way. The most effective solution is just to meditate. It appears to be that everyday practice shows the pressure and nervousness-related pieces.



7 love the nature -

Exactly how much 'nature time' do we need to boost well-being?


Nature is the best teacher to teach us about letting go. How nature comes with different seasons and spreads its love to us. Sometimes it becomes harsh and we have to face it too. Life and nature both will give you different days and nights, still, you have to keep walking and learning things from all the situations. Be close to nature when you feel low it will give you peace of mind and relaxation. Nature has all the answers to life but it's difficult to find them all. The only thing we can do is to be close to nature and that's not a big deal I guess.     


8 Connect with people -

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Different types of people will teach you different things. Some of them will be good at making food or some of them will be good at eating food. It's on you how you see them. Making connections with people will make your communication and understanding skills more powerful. It will help you to improve yourself too. When you start interacting with someone make sure to see them as an opportunity to learn something new because all of them got something special in them so do not underestimate anyone. They all are doing their best and you should appreciate them as well as yourself. 


9 Health food -

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Food is mandatory to live a life after oxygen and water. But healthy food is necessary to live a happy, healthy, and long life. Make sure to consume more healthy food because if you are having a busy daily routine and not finding time for exercise or meditation then healthy food is the only and best choice to keep your body stable and well for a long time. 




10 Accept yourself -

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Am I good enough? Generally, we all ask ourselves this question. But this answer is always yes and should be yes. This yes means a lot to us when there is now on to appreciate us. You should be proud of yourself for being this hardworking and humble. Be enough for yourself and be proud of who you are. 




So say no to more excuses and start working on yourself. Hope these steps will help you to make the best of yourself.

Much luck and love.