• 5 Platforms where you can get motivated

5 Platforms where you can get motivated

In the world of tensions and problem, one must find themselves cornered between two walls of responsibility and work pressure. One must stay positive at any cost. For that, you need a constant dose of motivation.


It's happened to me all the time

 I work and fail what should I do?

Why do I fail again and again?

That’s not the question,

How can I gather my will to start again?

When clouds are getting darker and darker,

I turn to some of this best app and website to stay motivated.


Here is the list.


1.       Humans of Newyork: no matter where are you from, you will relate to each and every story of this website, founded by Brandon Staton. HONY, in short, are a short and meaningful conversation between a total stranger and a picture related to that. 18 million followers on the facebook page of HONY are not only people who like those post but also people who comment positive message, this community is growing larger every day and spreading positivity all around the globe. do check it out.


2.       TED talk: everybody is familiar with Ted talk, people around the world came on TED stage and share their story, few month ago Shahrukh Khan has given a beautiful speech on it.

From CEO of Google and Twitter to a little boy from Africa, there are no boundaries in ted talk, people share their courageous story, how they overcome disability, how a little girl from Africa change the law of early marriage of a little girl.there are thousands of talk, free on youtube, website, and app. also from science to art, economics to genetics, whatever happing around the

a world which can impact on anyone, even a single person, will be on TED talk.enjoy.


3.       The better India :ok, you must be thinking, this all foreign stories, maybe some of them are Indian, but if I as an Indian, want to get inspired by India, where should I go, The better India is the answer for it, when you open this website, all the positive stories came rushing towards you.

Indian farmer to students, whoever is changing them every day of our life will be here.Also, it's not just a website full of stories, it has affected thousands of lives in a good way. Be proud to be an Indian and strive for the better India.


4.       Twitter : No, I am not joking, why people always laugh when I suggest them to join Twitter, maybe that is enough reason to join.apart from political circus, there are thousands of people on twitter, who woke up every day to make new meme or witty jokes to make you laugh on the floor.they have more following than artist, film starts or political person, with only one goal in mind, people like us try to make Twitter a happy place.


5.        Daily Quotes: struggling with the same problem as I have, every morning my friend search the internet for some positivity and motivation.its a tedious job, try to be happy and positive all the time. So what if one can deliver positive quotes to your phone early in the morning, so your day starts with lots of positive energy and boost of motivation. This is the quotes app he design, try this, you don’t need to have internet on every day for this quote.




So, this is it, folks, I try to gather some of the good vibes into this article, hope you like it.

Click on every name to reach their page. Be positive and be strong.