• 5 Things you’re going to Miss Once You Move out from your Parent’s House

5 Things you’re going to Miss Once You Move out from your Parent’s House


Living on your own does sound fancy, doesn’t it? It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to move out of the country, you could be working/ studying in a different city renting an apartment and splitting bills with your roommates or maybe you’re just on your own. Whether you're moving into a college dorm or your own apartment, there are a lot of things that are going to change because you don't have your parents around all the time.

There are a whole lot of things which might be annoying to you but that is what you’re going to miss the most. It is amazing until the time all the dishes are fresh and all the clothes are washed and pressed. This paradise like feeling ends very soon. The dishes add up too soon and so does the laundry. And there is no crawling out of this whirlpool of dirty dishes and laundry without help. Here’s a list of some things that I miss about living with my parents that I never thought I would miss.

1.Home cooked meals

This obviously tops the list because whether you liked or not, you were given healthier food. You’ve got your maid who cooks food but you feel that you can cook so much better, so you decide to go ahead and give it a try, only to realize how bad you are at it. That's when instant noodles become your best friend.

2. Clean Clothes

Of course, you have been doing your own laundry since you were a teenager, but it was always when your parents reminded you or when you didn’t have any clean clothes left. After living with roommates or your building has one washer and one dryer which you will have to share with people, you will definitely realise that how hard keeping up on laundry can get.

3.Served Meals

Remember those days when your parents used to call you to the table once the food was served? Yeah, that’s not going to happen anymore. I have had a terrible time having a set dinner plan that when I ate changed frequently every day. Of course, I got better but I miss my mom yelling at me to get at the table PRONTO.

4.Parents as Scapegoat

I don’t know if you’ve used your parents as an excuse to not hang out with a certain group because I always did. I had my reasons ready like “No, my mom won’t allow this or she’s not comfortable with me hanging out late” and a lot more like that. But yeah, once you move out you will really have to come up with better excuses or just be blunt and say that you don’t want to hang out. Gah, I hate that.

5.Sick Mode – ON

Sure, you have roommates to take care of you but it is not quite the same. Even though you know which medicine is going to help you with your fevers but when you actually fall sick, there is just nothing that can beat ‘’MOM’’ as you lay on the futon coughing, shivering, and asking if anyone is getting up for water so we don't have to move.


Sure, there is lot more stuff which you miss, but don't look back because you'll be just fine. Take a deep breath.