Across your career, you will work for a wide range of bosses and managers. Here are the six types of bosses and how to work for-

Understanding and perceiving leadership style can help you to respond effectively. What type of boss are or do you recognize? According to psychologist and science journalist Daniel Goleman, the following bait types are the six most important. 

1. The visionary

The visionary sees future plans clearly, but is less proficient in realizing it. This type of boss can be complemented by making his goal concrete and striking a clear path to reach the goal.

Characteristics: Inspiring, Empathic 
How you work with them:

  • Show enthusiasm by going full
  • Listen carefully to his ideas; register the main goals
  • Brainstorm with your team about opportunities to accomplish goals

2. The coach
A coaching boss wants to get the most out of his employees. He motivates through challenging conversations and goals.

Characteristics: motivational, gives confidence 
How you work with them:

  • Be honest and open about your ideas, problems and needs
  • Set realistic, clearly defined goals
  • Take responsibility if something fails; learn from mistakes

3. The connecting
The connecting boss wants to create connections and seeks harmony within the company or organization. This type focuses on the emotional needs of employees to pilot them through stressful situations.

Characteristics: empathetic, gives confidence 
How you work with them:

  • Keep emotions in balance
  • Work on strong relationships with colleagues
  • Please provide and accept honest feedback

4. The Democrat
The Democrat seeks input from each team member so that the course is based on cooperation and consensus.

Characteristics: gives confidence, cooperating 
How you work with them:

  • Give your honest opinion in meetings
  • Listen carefully to colleagues
  • Do not allow you to make decisions that you do not overlook. Ask for clarification that often helps the rest of the team

5. The commander
The commander gives clear instructions and sustenous stressful situations by taking a clear view, but expects it, regardless of your opinion about his plan.

Characteristics: authoritarian, direct 
How you work with them:

  • Allow yourself to a task, ask what is required of you
  • Focus on achieving results, not just completing tasks
  • Provide a number of solutions to the commander if you do not know what is required of you

6. The headliner If you
fall into the "headliner" category, you would like to invite staff and expect a good result. The headliner boss does not refrain from working hard when a situation is saved.

Characteristics: Demanding, Direct 

How you work with them:

  • Work hard and lay the bar high
  • Ask for clarity about what is expected of you
  • Report regularly about your progress

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Date: 14-09-2017

Source: Business Insider Netherlands