• 8 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Sweden

8 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Sweden

Sweden is a vast territory located in the center of the Scandinavian peninsula. With thousands of coastal islands, countless inland lakes, huge boreal forests, and majestic glaciers. Its principal cities are all located on the coast, and the country has the distinction of having many bridges that connect the various islands of the kingdom. Numerous tourist interest points occur in this magnificent area, and we have decided to present you with the most beautiful places in Sweden. Here we have curated the 8 most beautiful places to visit in Sweden.

The Road to Kungsleden

In Swedish, Kungsleden means "Roya" route": an" it is easy to understand why by following this trekking route, which is more than 425 km long! Created during the 19th century, on the initiatives of Svenska Turistforeningen, a Swedish association for the promotion of tourism in the country, the Royal Route is divided into four parts: originally, each was to correspond to a week. Visit this beautiful part of the world by using Alaska Airlines Book a Flight service to enjoy your trip to the fullest. 

Abisko National Park

The Abisko National Park is located in northern Sweden, in Lapland. This perfectly preserved natural area is located a few hours from the Norwegian border, west of the village of Abisko. Here you can camp, walk or enjoy the serenity of the forests and lakes! As the place is relatively isolated, it is advisable to be well equipped when visiting one of Sweden's most beautiful places.

The Gota Canal

The Gota Canal was built in the early 19th century, during the Swedish nation's industrial development. It crosses the entire southern part of the country from one side to the other, from Gothenburg on the west coast to Soderkoping, a city open to the Baltic Sea, via the Gota Alv river and the Trollhattan canal. Then across the great lakes of Vanern and Vattern: if you have chosen to visit Sweden by bicycle, do not hesitate, the route is perfect! The Gota Canal is indeed worth keeping in the list of the top 8 most beautiful places to visit in Sweden

Sarek National Park

Also located in northern Sweden, near the town of Jokkmokk in Norrbotten County, in Lapland's heart, Sarek National Park stretches for almost 2000 km² in the Scandinavian Alps and borders two other beautiful national parks, Padjelanta and Stora Sjöfallet. If you have come to visit Sweden in the north of the country, you should go and discover this natural area, ideal for excursions on foot, by motorbike or by bicycle.

The Megaliths of Ale

One of the most beautiful landscapes to discover in Sweden is in the south of Skane, where you will find these imposing and mysterious menhirs, which the local folklore claim to be the tomb of Ale. Hence the name of this tourist site. It is one of the most amazing things to see when visiting Sweden. It must be said that the place is awe-inspiring: with its 68 meters in length, Ales Stenar is the most extensive megalithic construction still present in Scandinavia. 

Kalmar Castle 

This stunning fortified castle is located in Kalmar, of the same name in southeastern Sweden. It is a historical and tourist site par excellence and is one of this Viking land's cultural landmarks. In addition to the magnificence of its construction, one can stroll through the alleys of a museum and understand Sweden's strategic role within Scandinavia. Ideal when you want to make a cultural stop and one of the most beautiful places in Sweden.

Slottsskogen Forest Park

Also in the city of Gothenburg, a town in love with beautiful green spaces, this immense forest park in the heart of the town is open every day and at any time: here you can come and relax around a picnic or make a cultural stop by visiting the Natural History Museum of Gothenburg who took place there! You can also discover a zoo and a valley with thousands of multicolored azaleas, so drop by when you come to visit Sweden.

Tyresta National Park

Located between the municipalities of Haninge and Tyresö, in the center of Stockholm County, and in the historic province of Södermanland, Tyresta National Park is one of the most beautiful in Scandinavia: here lovers of hiking, cross-country skiing, or beautiful bike rides will have it all! If you are passionate about these activities, we recommend that you visit the park once you arrive in Sweden.

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