• A Brighter Tomorrow

A Brighter Tomorrow

Each day is a new begining

An awekening from the yesterday ,

Sweet and Sour memories all it has

Leaving it a day behind in the past.

As we travel throughout the day

Collecting memories every time

Memories that are bitter and sweet

Yet giving us something to learn beneath.

People coming and going in & out of our life

Unaware of who would stay throught our life

Some becoming  a part of our daily life

Some giving wounds and saying Goodbye.

The Lovely souls that we daily meet,

The unconditional love that we receive

Will this moments ever repeat as i wish

Or just leave giving fond memories for our life.

Overcoming all the fear in our life

All that we had nurtured as a child

As we grow we defeat one by one

All to know that were silly ones.

Each time when i call it a day

Hoping to see a beautiful sunshine

Unaware if i will surely get a chance

To make my heart beat upto the nextday.

I always wish a brighter day than the past

A day filled with smiles laughter and fun

Not only me but also for you

Coz god created not only me but also us.