• A Prisoner Of Misogyny

A Prisoner Of Misogyny

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I feel caged. There's bracelet of chains and a necklace of belts. These ornaments are illusions, they look beautiful but they've made me a prisoner. I can never free myself because people see these as every women's' essentials but not as symbols of tyranny and pain. I don't even have to die to go to hell, cause guess what? I'm already living in one! I loathe this misogynist, orthodox society. I can't even blame the people living in this society because that's what they're taught right from the embryo is formed in the womb. Lies are taught by classical conditioning, and the power is so strong that it makes you blind even when the truth is stark naked right front of you. 

This conversation cut my wings and made sure that I'd never  fly again in this sky:

Me: Hey, good you had your lunch and now go put your finished plate in the sink and clean up this mess on the floor.


My 15 y/o brother : "I'm not supposed to do this. This is not what men are made for. This kind of work suits to a woman, to you. What work did you do since morning? You should be ashamed that you're sitting around and ordering me to do this."  

Who even taught him all this at such a young age? What gives him so much power?

My heart broke and tears flowed. Not because he used those words but because I failed. I couldn't save him from drowning in the patriarchal sexist ocean. I couldn't stop the process of manufacturing another product of the Indian Society Industry (ISI). Features of the product: A typical Indian misogynist who is going to torture numerous women he'll meet throughout his life. Be a hindrance to women's progress and feed his male ego; get his power by snatching  women's strength. Males survive on women and yet consider themselves superior than women?!?! 

We are supposed to cook for them, feed them by our own hands and yes, wipe their mouths and floor after they're done. How amazing it would be if we even pooped on their behalf.  

I guess this is due to the years of watching the same drama performed by the misogynist chairman of the male society, my dad. 

   If I have no control over my own blood, how will I change the egoistic attitude of the assholes all around the world? Why do none of textbooks talk about the environment we live in, polluted by misogyny, tyranny and ego? This will bring more danger to the society than global warming. Let's try to leave a  place for the future generations with cleaner air and better values. 

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