• A Twitter Lovestory

A Twitter Lovestory

Millions of accounts to follow here ,

Millions of followers to make,

Twitter is a world full of strangers ,

Yet there are lovely Friends to make .

Thousands of girls have i met here ,

Hundreds of them my best friends .

Still You are the reason why I still stay here ,

Just coz You are someone very special dear .

Each and every tweet that you make ,

Hundreds of tweets that it has beneath .

Little convos beneath your tweet that we make,

become memories to cherish throught the week.

Each Like that you give me by ,

Even Retweets that you also seldom give ,

Never been a part of your retweet spree

Yet this are equally precious indeed .

Always Wish had i been part of your #FFs tweets

A shoutout I wished that you give me once

Ignorance is the part and parcel of Twitter Life

As they say You are a Tweleb indeed .

I follow you yet never asked for a follow back ,

And I know never will I ever do ,

Yet I feel I will oneday get a Follow Back ,

Once you get to know me indeed !!

~ Sinu