Don’t you find it susceptible when suddenly you have to speak about your feelings, your emotions?

Don’t you feel vulnerable when everyone expects you to put everything out there, to show it to the world, to tear out your heart and expose it all?

But that’s what writers do. They put everything out there, their passion, mood, outlook, their life…everything. Even the colours of rainbow pales before the joy they put in their words and the paper bleed the colour of their heart in ink.

It’s a wonder how they can manipulate every human emotion with their words alone making the lot of us weep tears one moment and giggle the next.

In a world where some negative people in our lives make us feel numb, writers are the superheroes who teach us to feel something again; the definitive redeemer.

Their words have the power to make the lot lose in a world spun by them like a web. You’ll lose yourself there and the best part? You’d enjoy being there for as long as it lasts. You get to live not only your life but others’ as well.

Ultimately, you start to view the real world with whole new eyes. Even similar to the eyes of a toddler except with an adult’s mind to grasp all that the world has to give.

You start to feel the psyche of the other person; you start to understand them better and that brings the real revolution in you that no other person can induce.

A book does that to you and most importantly, a writer does that to you.

Exposing your emotions to the world requires courage which is often mistaken with it being a weakness and a writer is anything but weak. The dissimilarity between us is that the writer has the natural gift to ensnare its readers into its web of words and show us a realm to self-assess the life.


I know you’d probably be thinking, “But if you were numb before, you got to experience the joy again; you lose yourself in the heady rush of the high it brings to you. You become obsessed. You don’t care when you had your last meal, you don’t care if you haven’t slept, what you care about is what would be the turning point in the story you are reading! You’ve become addicted. And addiction is bad…isn’t it?” 

I know addiction is bad but if it’s of this kind then it is worth to have, for this is not destroying your life or ethics rather it’s just enhancing them for you in a way no other thing can.

And anyway, addiction of this kind is good for dependence would lead you nowhere.

Sounds like an advertisement, eh? But it is what it is and a writer is a writer regardless of being a proficient one or just a rookie.