• A fresh start

A fresh start

So, 2018 has arrived at our doorsteps, crazily knocking the doors, all set to rush inside our lives and be the space, we want, to create more happy moments. 

A new year... A new day... A new beginning...
Sounds enthralling ! Right?
But, will it be?
In the constant race of managing in between- what we believe we should get and what life gives us, time wins.
Maybe, because we wait for the correct moment.
Do we really need a new day to start believing in ourselves?
No, I'm not saying that we should not celebrate it or not enjoy it. New things should  be cherished. Anything, which gives us happiness should be welcomed with open arms.
But, considering how people are going  bonkers over making new year resolutions (half of which won't even see light of the day ) and over the thought that  how a new year will change our lives... Seems a little abrupt.
We humans have an amazing habit of finding fancy excuses and easy escapes, the ones which somehow gives us a ray of hope
The ray of hope -which suits our expectations. No matter how false it maybe.
Yes, of course positivity can come in any size or shape. But to just focus on fruits rather than strengthening the roots, will disappointingly, only lead  to the death of the tree, no matter how much we hate it.
Why do we always find an excuse of a 'a new day, a new hope' to change the things around us or more importantly to change ourselves. Doesn't Present matter the most?
If we have to do a thing, then why not today itself?

A new day won't guarantee you happiness or success , unless and until you don't decide to get up and ultimately act.

It's you and entirely you, who can give yourself a new chance - a fresh start, not any calendar.

A very happy new year to you all.
Happiness always :)