• A warrior's nap

A warrior's nap

the bizarre morning wake him up.,

searching for what ,stared the empty cup.

cold was enough to make him down.,

tired eyes were missing the crown.

birds were as usual in the habitat.,

soul was acting like a spoiled brat.

the unicorn from nowhere world.,

soon found himself in the underworld.

every minute ,every hour ..

realized he need shower.,

the laugh he heard from the sky.,

why the snail is so shy.

heard the yelling.,i will find you

and i will kill you.

felt the tremor, he need to fight.,

arranged the armor ,cleared the sight.

closed the eyes and prayed for the best.,

the combat was ready for the rest.

what had happened., why the fortune smiled.,

why he found himself riled.

the bizarre morning wake him up

searching for what stared the empty cup.,

switched off the T.V.,the blanket was ready.,

a warrior's nap was TAKEN to steady.