Are you preparing for MBA entrance exams and looking for the best B-schools?

Well, I'm one of you all too and have been gathering all the possible information regarding the preparations and the B-schools. Hope I can help you all with my knowledge.

As you all are aware that it is that time of the year when all the BSchool Entrance exams are round the corner. Aspirants are all set for the exams and are almost on the verge of finishing up. But some of you are unaware of the pattern of the examination. So here I am to help you :) 



Who doesn't dream of studying at colleges like Harvard, Wharton, Kellogg, etc. But if you're wondering about how to make it to these colleges. I may help you from my research. GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is one of the key to make it to your dream college. Like any other B-school admission tests, GMAT also has Quantitative and Verbal sections along with analytical writing assessment and reasoning sections. The difficulty level of GMAT varies from person to person based on their ability and practice. Some find the quant section daunting while some are weak at vocabulary. The more you practice, the better the results. (Follow the following link for the format of GMAT https://magoosh.com/gmat/2017/what-is-the-format-of-the-gmat/ ) Practice writing essays. There are many pdfs and books of essays that got selected in Harvard  available online.


Apart from the GMAT scores, work experience is a very important factor in getting into these B-schools. All these big B-schools aim at bringing diversity in the classrooms in terms of nationality and field. Thus your work experience is an important factor in getting you into your dream B-school.


Apart from these, IIM Ahmadabad, one of the world's best and India's best B-school, has a different procedure for taking admission. To get admission into any of the IIMs, you have to take CAT (Common Aptitude Test).


Details on CAT will be published in my next blog post. Stay tuned.