There are some conditions on which our attachment  for somebody stands,

what made things humorous is that, conditions are built by brain upon one's heart but attachment doesn't allow you to knock your brain, 

Attachment with our religious leaders can be said as , someone does something really great, this only means that he had just made his space above the line which distinguish the evil from the good.

So the person makes his religion abiding with the same fact that he has done correct and why does he think so? 

Because people are attached to that person which often lead to neglecting their conditions, it is absolutely not an easy task for brain to gulp down this murky guilt committed by the person and comforted by the people. 

likewise,if we observe people, their dependency towards their religion becomes greater than before and when dependency towards anything increases, there lies the restlessness, and comes the riot where people measure dependency.

Again, we aren't against any kind of religion. 

It is just about the attachments in our lives which we blindly believe to the extent of our death!


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