• Advise – Most unwanted thing to receive!

Advise – Most unwanted thing to receive!

Advise – Most unwanted thing to receive!

Published: July 12, 2017
"I am just saying"
"You should do it like this"
"I tell you don't trust that person"
"She's not a good person to be with you"
These are just a few examples; you are having dozens of advice in a day, or more or even none. The quota and quantity of the advice are different from person to person or it depends on your so called Maturity thing! That too from the perception of the person, who is giving you the advice!
Well, I do like it! Getting the advice and giving the advice makes me feel great! Listening to the elder's advice for hours make me feel blessed and bored too. The Giving advice makes me feel that I have fulfilled the huge social responsibility. You felt the same right! It's cultural habits we are carrying with us.
Now you felt bit confusion in my title and my story! It is, because, somewhere I felt that the advice is being more dominating, being more personal and sometimes it is part of some followed customs or communism. I am not against it, but it makes the pain in my ass when the person thinks that you are the stupid to follow each piece of a word he or she said! You also felt that sometimes, the pressure to follow the advice.
Further, many times it happens that the flow of advice become the hurdle in your growth as a person. It stops you from experiencing the things! The kind of advice like you shouldn't do this simply tears you apart from the lesson of your life. The bad or good sometimes the advice overrides the personal preferences and decisions. Here, the receiver of the advice is also to play the vital role, but the influence is also a big devil!
May be you feel that does she make sense? Well, I am too playing the advice game, so be a decisive player and hit the six on your part by deciding you want an experience or advice!
Thank you for reading! 

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