• An exclusive with Poetess Romila

An exclusive with Poetess Romila

Romila is the modern day poetess. Her poetry is written in a minimalistic style with many of her poems being only a few lines long—a style she admired from Twitter and Instagram. The 34-years-old star is a well known Writer-Blogger-Editor-Author-Columnist. She is a regular contributor at Indibeam. Her 10 posts have been well read and shared by readers.

As we at Indibeam spoke with her, we realized she is more than just a poetess. She has been a kathak dancer; she is a painter and loves speaking on any topic of interest. She has recently taken to Instagram to post her poems/thoughts. We read her 2 poetry books. Her work is simple, easy to decipher and touches the heart instantly and this makes her poetry accessible and popular. She has 4 published eBooks and is currently working on her 5th and 6th books simultaneously.

She began sharing her poetry on Twitter since few years which touch on love, death, sex, relationships, solitudes and heartbreaks with searing honesty—began to garner her followers. In 2016, she self-published her first book - Nonfiction (short essays) which opened doors to more books. This summer, two years after the release of her first book, her 4th eBook on Haiku poems titled Midnight Musings got released in May 2018 has given her great positive reviews and she has been busy with many websites and book sites attending interviews and much more.

The poetry work of Romila teaches that the great themes of life (such as Love, Happiness, Mother, Roses, Toast, Cigarettes) can be expressed simply, without losing great depth; such is the work of this amazing poetess. She has already excelled in micro poetry and Haiku and looks forward to exploring poetry in longer formats. These qualities explain, partly, the impact of her work on social networks especially on Twitter. She is not worried if her work will be read or not as her thousands of followers on social media are her readers who are not just limited to India but they are worldwide.

She wanted to write three collections of poetry – two of which she has already done and published and the third book is in the editing stage. At the same time, she is experimenting and writing much more beyond poetry. She has written short stories wishes to write another book on the same genre. ( Book to buy on Amazon )

Romila deserves praise for figuring out how to merge social media and her own brand -Novemberschild with an often difficult to get to art form Microfiction and Haiku, introducing poetry to all kinds of audiences. She has not only inspired us to meet her and talk at length about her work but she has for sure motivated people around her - both online and offline with her powerful words. She certainly isn't spending her time comparing herself with other poets. She holds her own unique space where her poetry is like a pop art. Romila loves connecting with her readers and fans and wishes she would love if the literary world takes her more seriously.

As we wrap the meet, she has a message for budding poets and writers around the world – “Write every day it will sharpen up your craft, particularly when you don’t deem in yourself or you feel like giving up. Meticulously put into practice your writing skills again and again, and there is no way that it’s not going to flourish into beautiful work. I have found my voice through verses and poetry generates powerful connection one can have with everyone”.

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