• Another New Year

Another New Year

It's January 1st, the day is finally here!

Forget about the last one, this one will be an awesome year


But I was soon sick of the chill and of the shortened days

"If spring would just come on, my problems would go away."


And so I sulked for months, until the air was warm

Until I could wear short sleeves, and sunshine was the norm


And for a while, things were good, then I began to sneeze

My throat felt weird, my eyes both itched, I hate my allergies!


And the schoolwork started to pile, exams just down the line

"All I need to do is to get to summer, then I'm fine"


Coughed and sneezed through homework, groaned about my tests

Until it was the summer, until I could take a rest


And for a while, things were perfect, but soon I couldn't bear

The mosquitoes, and the heat, and the unbreathable stuffy air


So I drudged on the next few months, doing nothing to remember

Just gamed by the AC, right up until September


Until when school started again, and for a while things were great

I got to see my friends, but I soon began to hate


All the schoolwork, and assessments, and all the time it took

To find context to this quote in my lousy English book


But I won't give up hope, salvation is so near

I'm sure I'll be okay if I can make it to next year.