• Are We Really INDEPENDENT?


The title asks "are we independent?"

Answer is "No" .

yeah, you read it right The Answer is a two letter word "NO".

After completing 70 years of independence we are not really free,

We are still prisoned by questions like " log kya kahenge?" "society kya kahengi?" 

we are also prisoned by the question "kitni safety hain?"

Still We can't figure out the answer to this question

Today itself there was another rape case entry of a 12 year old girl

what was her fault?

oh so her fault was that she went to attend the flag hosting of her school!

we are prisoned by "kab khatam hoga ye corruption?"

Someone Lost their 1year just because some other person gave money and took away his opportunity to study.

 Many of you might say She's going way to negative, but darling trust me we have more Scars And Questions than happiness in this so called freedom.

I can garuntee that these question,this prison are going to follow us for many more coming years.

The Day we will be freed from the prison of these questions will be the day we'll be trully independent.

And that would be A happy Independence Day for us!