• #BajrangiTwitter, That Escalated Quickly

#BajrangiTwitter, That Escalated Quickly

I don't use twitter nowadays, but suddenly I get many notifications of  #BajrangiTwitter, it was just when Salman got convicted, so I thought it's about bajarangi bhaijan or something, but later when I search for those tweets, thousands of people pouring out their love and devotion for Hanumanji on twitter.

Now let me be clear, Twitter is not a place where you can trend easily if you are that much clear person like Hunuman. But for some reason, our vanar god is flying around and actually trending on Twitter, so what happened which make anjaniputr so famous.

It was an article in news outlet wire, which, let say doesn't say nice things about Hanumanji. Now we all know how fearful he is and he can handle things for himself, but our twitter people don't let matter reach to him and take the action on their self and guess what, #BajrangiTwitter was trending, till today.

I have a really old connection with him. I was really a frighten kid back then, like many of you, my mom taught me Hanuman Chalisa, which I forget all the time but yet, in my own broken version, I pry to god when I was frightened.

Every night before bedtime, my mom used to tell me all the stories and most of the time it was of Ramayan and Hanumanji. The old Ramayana tv series was really near to my heart and Dara Singh was the reason i believed that Hanumanji was one of the fittest gods of all.

The reason i am writing this is because this absurd person writing things about Hanumanji doesn't make my blood boil but make me laugh. No one can ever make him angry, he is always a calm god because he is part of lord Shiva. Shiva, whos smile can stop hurricanes and erupting volcano and Hanumanji is the same. But yes, you don't want to make him angry, or he will burn your place and eat all of your foods too, you know, he is after all in the body of a monkey.

hanuman ji

Why monkey, I always thought. Why such fit and a strong person had to be a monkey. He was the first one who introduced six packs and all the other packs. Our version of god from 80s and 90s are with big tummies and when you need to portray the Lord Hanuman, you need to find the strongest person of all. I am sure all the gods were  envy of him.

Maybe God wants to be in the body of monkey so the human knew the value of it. After all, we were all once a monkey. Maybe it was the first indication that we came from the monkey and that is why one of our gods look like a monkey. We have so many handsome gods like Krishna and Indra but someone needs to look like a monkey, so we can value loyalty, devotion, friendship over face and appearance. Ramayan is not just tale of ram and Sita, it's also a lesson that doesn't judge a person by its appearance. Well, I like to tell this to Tulsidas and Valmiki, its become truth. Nowadays, no one looks at man face and just judge them by the size of their belly.

So when someone says bad words for our beloved god, people don't tend to listen to any arguments. Not just in Hinduism, but in Islam, when they try to make a movie on prophet Mohammad, people would literally try to kill that person. In Christianity, every single movie on Jesus, bring something new to the table and pop won't like it. They want it to be same as written in the Bible, and anything you add as creative direction will be heavy criticism and thrown out of the theater.

So whats my take on #BajrangiTwitter, Hanuman Jayanti was a few days back in 31st March, but we are not so aware of it. But suddenly someone writes something bad about hanuman on 5th April and we just flood the twitter with his name. It's like being wished happy birthday week after the actual birthday. Maybe Hanuman Jayanti was trended on twitter, maybe thousands of people have tweeted, but not like this, because this one, we take it to much personally. We think Hanumanji is our best friend or relative and if someone spoke ill of them, we just crash the twitter with a #BajrangiTwitter hashtag. As we know that Hanumanji was one of the Chiranjeevi means he can still be roaming around in India, I wish he saw this hashtag and maybe thought, ok, I didn't take it seriously, why they are taking it personally. Because we are very intolerant people. Even Ram couldn't tolerate the idea of his wife Sita stayed at Ravan's place and ask her to take Agni pariksha. Because kaikai was not too tolerant when she heard that her son was not crowned as king of Ayodhya and she plotted the whole vanvas. Maybe because Ravan could tolerate his defeat and that's why he kidnpped Sita, but hey its okay, he was not Indian, but he was on Indian land and just the touch of this land, inhaling this air, make any NRI intolerant. It's in our blood, it's in our DNA, hell, it's in our god's mindset, so how can we change that.

But I really applaud the fact that whole twitter community band together and oppose one person. Maybe they are doing the right thing, but for the person who wrote that article, all those millions of people are just crazy troller who cannot take an idea of a god as militant. Well, to be honest, it hurt me a little too. I mean why Hanumanji, we have 33 crore gods, choose any not so famous god and blame it on them. 

I remember when I was 18 and in college, I pry to Hanumanji every day on my way to college, because believe me, in mahuva, you will find his temple on every street and corner and pry at everywhere. Even if he was single and stayed single his whole life, I ask him for a girlfriend for me. Yes,  funny thing, I get one, no no, actually 3 in total. So, yes, he listens to all of his foolish devotees. 

if this article may have casue you any intollrance or you feel like its hurtful, you can visit wire's website and troll that guy for it. hey, he write very bad thing about our belowed god hanuman dada. i know dada was old slang for todays bhai in mumbai, but lets not talk about it.