• Be like Sam

Be like Sam

The kid named Sam, a weird  and wild creature,

see the world upside down,deals with the nature.

lazy but crazy , little busy , not a chessy.,

makes the move ,let the things go,find the hair messy.


Sam checks out the problems and worries,

solve with the twist as chef do with the curries.

Sam play his favourite songs and dance in the rain.,

even after heartbreak end with the pain go in vain.


Sam ,having the dreams with endless thoughts,

acts like innocent, when teased always pouts.,

Sam can smile when the things go wrong,

can create other dimension,if exist so long.


Sam has a little enthusiastic but stubborn waves,

refuse to give up, going to get whatever he craves.,

Sam, knowing the Darwin's theory,mind creates the dam,

with the ups and downs in the life, just be like Sam.