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If we Google the term 'beauty' , results will include different make up tips, cosmetic products, slimming massage centre's addresses and even which face wash did Kate Middleton used before becoming the duchess of Cambridge! 


'' what they buy, is what we sell '' they say. So, have we actually lowered our standards of admiring beauty or have we lost the capability to differentiate between the terms 'pretty' and 'beautiful'? 

The term pretty is related to our appearance whereas beauty is  related to what we actually are! 

There is a very famous meme - '' you're not ugly, you're just poor''...well it is right, makeup really can do wonders! 


But, what about our inner self? Can money increase the level of beauty too?

' NO' 


 No one apart from us can alter it.... 


Anyways, what is beauty? How will we define it? 


Maybe it is something which brings happiness to us. 

Maybe it is the gesture which makes other people keep us in their good books even if we don't meet them over years.

Maybe it is like the little kid inside us which is so innocent that we want to protect it from the cruel world.

Maybe it is that superpower which makes us love ourselves... Cherish ourselves! 


Does beauty really lies in the eyes of beholder or has it become the prerogative of oneself?



... Only if we knew the difference between being 'pretty' and being 'beautiful' 

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