• Bollywood and Oscar : 5 reason why it could never work.

Bollywood and Oscar : 5 reason why it could never work.

Bollywood and Oscar have seemed like summer affairs, all the hype media and social network create did not last any longer. If we take the numbers seriously, in last 100 years, we didn’t make any movie an Oscar-worthy.


That’s very blue, doesn’t it? In eyes of every Indian, there were hundreds of movies which are Oscar-worthy, forget the Oscar, they were best of the time, a classic. But since we measure every movie on the scale of Oscar, there is few point we need to consider before lashing out on the academy.

1.       Originality: yes, we cheer for it, we watch it many times and spend a fortune on it so that movie top the chart and reached into 100cr club, whatever happens to the original regional movie, why do we care about them. Yes, they had written a masterpiece, it was original, but the casting was wrong. That’s today’s mantra of every moviegoer, they need entertainment by their favorite actor/actress. You can argue that we have many films that are original and amazing, that leads me to my another point.

2.       Politics: it has rooted in every single system of our country, till the date, India has sent so many movies which are a big flop, at the box office, by the critics and reviewers. You can send barfi to the Oscar but neglect gangs of wassaypur than you are totally wrong. If it's so bad in Bollywood than think about the regional, they don’t have a scope of hope to get into the race. The selection committee of India lacks imagination and celerity to came out of the fog of glittering masala films.

Simply we don’t send our best in Oscar than don’t expect to win anyway.

3.       Culture difference: we are just not the same; we don’t eat the same food and don’t see the relationship in same manners, movie Newton is about the hardship of voting in the rural area, in the US they voted for Trump and now crying out about it. they don’t understand the value of it, feel in the blank expression, our irrelevant use of songs, they simply compare our movie with them and we lost the battle there.

4.       Publicity: movie Newton is official Indian entry to Oscar, tell me where do you hear about that movie, of course on social media storming your feed about it. Until then you are totally in the dark about that, in other parts, bahubali is now been watched worldwide, yes it's not the Oscar type but we need to send a movie that people from the academy have actually hear about it. One of the rules in academy says that film should be screened in a theater for more than a week. A movie like Newton doesn't make the top in charts so we hear about it from friends or reviewer after months. that need to change.

5.       Money triumph creativity: we need to understand that we cannot win Oscar if we don’t make Oscar-worthy movie and we cannot make Oscar-worthy movie without taking a risk. Every director to producer to actor wants their movie to be blockbuster, in order to achieve that they need to include every single thing which can attract mass population, which include too much strong main lead, item number, beautiful actress and cheap comedy. When they mix all together you get your 100cr collection movie. Of course only a few stand out of it but you just cannot overlook this trend in Bollywood.


So after we make that big ruckus in our own backyard, we cannot expect them to just hand us the Oscar award. But for more than five reasons I think Oscar is overly hyped, some of the Oscar-winning movies are totally unwatchable. They maybe show us like they are THE OSCAR, but in the end, its all for nothing if best people don’t get recognition, so it's ok if Newton won’t be selected, we will watch it and cheer for it.