• Book Review - Looking For The Rainbow

Book Review - Looking For The Rainbow


Book Review – Looking for the Rainbow (My Years with Daddy)


Ratings – 4/5


Author – Ruskin Bond


Illustrations by – Mihir Joglekar


Publisher – Puffin Books


About The Book – The book was launched on 20th May 2017 on the special occasion of 83rd birthday of Ruskin Bond. He is a Hill Station writer and is very much popular in India both among kids and adults.  According to me one can read Ruskin Bond at any age and feel nostalgic with his stories.


In the book Mr Bond writes about his years he spent with his daddy. He is most close to his father but he lost him during the early days of his childhood and what remain with him were the memories that grew stronger and stronger with time.


The book is a short time read and a perfect one to make your bonding strong with your daddy. I love his bonding with his Dad, the way his father develops a hobby of reading books in him which became his greatest friend for lifelong or stamp collection that gave him the lessons of Geography  much before his earlier class fellows. 


His father took him to outings, movies and even sent him The Last Letter before his death which even today remains with him and he reads it again and again every time he misses him.


The book is an awesome read but the only drawback is I wanted to read more of it. It finished off very early.


Here are the pictures of the copy, It have got a beautiful hardcover and this copy is special because it is an autographed one by the author himself.


I love it when the author begins with foreword or Should I say a Backwords ? Because memory improves with age.

The highlight of the book is graphics added in it created by the memories of the author.