• Bookverse

Was messing up my shelf
To clean it out myself
Gotta book to look
Un-tied its hook
Don't expect it to be Zathura
Haven't been on viral ventura
It was my book of class 10th
Had expected a big bang ?
Lemme tell ya what it sayin
Haji on the beat, keep slayin
It asked me what you doin ?
I told graduating, like I'm ruin
Is that what you thought will do ?
Don't know, chosen from world's hue
Why don't you cut the crap ?
Impossible, its a trap
How dare you forget your passion ?
Family comes, needs my succession
When did you last time did it ?
Don't remember, can't get it
Who are you to ask so many ?
Stop being unknown, Mr brainy
What's the point of asking these ?
You're saying this ?, oh please
Where have you been so long ?
Doesn't matter, just be strong
I'm here to bring you back
To work as a team with slack
Bring out the brushes n color
Be like how you were a Balor
Here some pages I got
Don't be a bigot
Put paint on the tray, let's earn this way
I know, you're feelin like crying
Connected we're, I'm book of drawing.