Tea aka chai (as we Indians prefer to call it) is our dearest buddy of all time. We love it so much so that our day doesn't begin without it. It is so important to us that our entire day gets ruined , if we don't get a good cup of morning chai.
No matter what happens chai is always in the scenario.
We're happy - we need chai, sad then also chai.
It's too cold - let's have a cup of chai, ugh it's too hot - so what! i need a cup of chai
I'm feeling sleepy - can I have a cup of chai , I've just woken up - where's my chai?
I'm tired - I need chai. I'm feeling so energetic - give me a cup of chai
I've got so many things do - let me have chai, damn I've nothing to do - let me have chai.
While thinking something-we want chai.
To boost ourselves - chai, to relax ourselves - chai
Basically, chai makes us adapt to any situation excellently and effortlessly!
But even after knowing all the ill effects of chai, why do we love it so much?
Is it because of the purity of water that makes us stick to it?
Or, is it the divinity of milk which we want to witness again and again!
Or maybe, it is the naughtiness of sugar which makes us think about it frequently.
Or the elegance of tea leaves which makes it alluring!
Is it the strictness of ginger that makes us disciplined towards it?
Or the care of cardamom and basil, which we want endlessly...
Or is it exoticness of  pepper that we can't get over it!

Maybe it is the blend of all with which we've fallen in love with.

Chai....hmm, interesting!