• Celebrate the spring of life !

Celebrate the spring of life !

“I love him” she whispered.And my eyes filled with anger, perhaps with helplessness too! I could barely hold my breath and mind too.

How could she do that? How could she even think of that? She’s wife of my brother and my best friend ! my mind just kept repeating only one thought that she can’t do it…

I wanted to scold her, but her eyes were carrying the truth. I can see happiness; I can see the spark of life. I can see her smiling, the smile I am dying to see from past ten years. The smile, faded by Sindur, a red color has erased a beautiful curve of her face permanently.  The smile, I have prayed all the time!

“I know that it’s not right, but Didi , I love him” she whispered again, the small voice was carrying the confidence. The confidence, which made me choose her as the wife of my brother. Perhaps the biggest mistake of my life!

“I won’t leave anything, I am not going to leave this house and I will not do anything that will hurt to either families or anyone else.  I will carry my marriage as I was doing and  I will live the life which society has gifted me “ she looked at my puzzled eyes and continue further,” I don’t have the courage to go after the thing I really wanted because it was killed in the childhood. When I asked for the equal toys as my brother had or when I wanted to study and even when I said I can’t marry your brother. But I have just one wish “

She stopped for a while; her sobs were interrupting her voice. I asked her “what’s your wish?”

“I never felt what is being loved, let me live that feeling!” and her eyes were filled with tears. She left the room silently leaving the battle for me.

And the battle begins between a sister and a soul of female! The pride of being a perfect sister was overriding the happiness I felt for her. I was comparing a failure marriage by my social eyes and I couldn’t find anything wrong in watering the dead relationship! Suddenly, I remember the spark of her eyes, and the pride just seemed as the fake diamond. It was not just the battle between my two roles; it was the battle of the two identities the society has given me. One was to die with the suffocating but don’t break it and another was the butterfly which had heard of spring but never felt it!

I took my phone and texted her,” welcome the spring of your life, don’t let die your inner butterfly!’’