• Dead, End.

Dead, End.

Okay, hello Everyone, i wrote this piece witnessing some things around me.


it's now wrong on my side

what about the heartbeat-ish ride

through the saws and slides

the times you used to run & hide?


what about all those time

looked like being aroud me was a crime

so you'd not come around

me on the 'our' empty ground


If you think it's justification

No Darling you're on wrong station

cause you were not

worth that shot


Now if i look back i was nothing

You were on door to door jumping

and oh excuses the great ones

weird combo of pickle and sweet buns


leaving you was the hardest

but atleast one of my decision smartest

if you think we could be friends

no darling it's dead, it's the end.


and you know why the end?

you had me in 2, my friend

i was on the saw,

you just saw!