• Devil inside

Devil inside

Going through the dark ,stuck by a strange face.,

i thought of running,and got some fine race.

as the time passed, fear rose to its level,

needless to say, i was approaching the devil.


a silent night, enough to put you in bed,

where none to call, inside you are half dead.

heard the growling voice the every way i took,

decided to keep running , to get away that crook.


crashed through the wall, screamed a lot,

unable to stand, the destination i forgot.

felt, the end was near, decided to take a stand,

made myself prepare for rest with broken hand.


i shouted like a warrior," c'mon coward face me",

will fight till the end,no give up , i'm not gonna flee.

as it came nearer, build up my strength to make it last.,

the face i saw was no longer a demon version as it was my past.







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