• Diamond IS a Failure

Diamond IS a Failure

...The other i was listening to "Diamonds" by Rihanna. The Intro "Shine Bright like a Diamond" made me think something which you might call nonsense, anyways i'm still gonna write and you'll read it til end just to know what nonsense i thought. Well i had just finished my exams so it was like i had mixed feelings about different things and subjects that's when i came up with the title "What If Diamond was a failure" how'd it be like? When in that song this is a metaphor for love what if in real diamond meant nothing and coal meant everything and someone came up with a diamond who didn't knew that diamond lost it's value and be like "hey! Yo!, i got this diamond" and the other person would cry like "hey yo wtf we need more coal (sobs)".
Somewhere when we wanna defind our self different from others we use " diamond" as a metaphor, now everybody is diamond, that obviously means that if someone says "i'm coal"  then yo he's real precious 'cause during the count of diamond we forgot that if there'd be no coal where tf will the diamond come from from?
Yo, i had the exam pressure and i felt like "yo if you come second (platinum) nobody's gonna bother about it" well if everybody wants diamond (1st) position that simply reduces it's value it's no more that precious, if someone comes to platinum status it'll be rare if that person is happy with that status and don't wanna chase the diamond which justnow lost it's value would be one of the great minds for the coming future and hence in my views diamond is a failure.
And to the every parent out there IF YO CHILD ACHIEVES THE PLATINUM (2ND) STATUS, YO! CHERISH IT, BECAUSE EVEN PLATINUM NEEDS HARDWORK. & if you're a kid reading this then yo cherish the platinum status someday you'll smash diamond and reach emerald.

Ps: Hey thanks for your precious time my homie. Have a blessed day.