• Do social media changing the narrative ?

Do social media changing the narrative ?

Then you need to be on social media. whether you are trying to get more attention to the online crowd connect with family and many other things go on. 


Yes! social media is extremely affecting the grip of our thinking and behavior as compared last few years. social media evolving day by day in a massive giant with the help of nurturing their audience. 

social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Linkedin, and many more have become too big to ignore in daily activities. Many of our relative's friends and colleagues are on social media even I'm also on these platforms to get updates myself what happening to know outside beyond the physical reach. 


social media has also become the advertisement platform for e-commerce, blogs, and consulting sessions. 

no one likes to stay away from such a big gathering. social media is bringing people together and help to find common things easily but in some cases, it creates distance as people can get away from meeting face to face. the people are not realizing the gap between virtual social world and physical society. they take one for granted for the sake of others. 

Today's social media has turned out like dopamine for humans and is affecting the human's output negatively. people find it easy to get appreciation on Facebook. introducing of smileys and infographics are a booster to express themselves in a meaningful way. 

there are many countless facts of changing human behavior with aspects of social media.