• Do we want war?

Do we want war?

  The present moment of India and Pakistan is much tense-full, and next moment can be even worse. The world is counting the unfortunate days of war between Indo-Pak. Some Counties has stated their opinion of being supportive with a war party. The timing is crucial. Both countries are in Competition likewise conditions for proving themselves right. Being an Indian I proudly support my country and having faith that India will win the war in all manner. Pakistan beat around the bush in the matter of Terrorism. India is a peace-loving nation but this time the attitude should be Tit for Tat, and we are doing it also. The wounds we got in Pulwama are incurable, we lost many Braveheart soldiers there. The Situation is pre-war likewise.


But if we think the circumstances in a different way, we may come to know that in war, its all about loosing, even though we win. The Great Taoist Philosopher and Ancient Chinese military Strategist Sun Tzu have stated in his book ‘The Art of War’, The Supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting! Can we do so? Yes, of course, we can and we should. The time is going on where a war cannot be one-sided harmful only.


Chanakya quotes that “If the end could be achieved by non-military methods, I would not advocate an armed conflict”. The way for it is to make India stronger within. To make youth much powerful. We can notice a thing that Progress focused countries are giving much important towards new technologies, new possibilities.

The baseline is ‘Be stronger enough that you win the battle without fighting.’ The enemy must doubts on its capabilities before facing you. If we built up our guts higher, the tiny little things will stop poking us.


If we educate every child, if we provide a progressive environment, If we develop progressive viewpoint, we can be unbeatable. Self Development is the master key.

-    Our Country’s economy advanced 6.6 % year-on-year in the last three months of the year 2018.

-    The GDP Annual Growth Rate in India averaged 6.21 percent from the year 1951 until the year 2018.

-  The Indian economy grew 8.2% year-on-year in the second quarter of 2018, above 7.7 percent in the last 3 months, and beating the market expectations of 7.6 %.

It is the strongest growth rate since the first quarter of the year 2016, boosted by the Startups, household spending, financial, real estate and manufacturing activities.


Russia is a good example for learning the after effects of war. Although the Soviet Union aka Russia was victorious in the Second World War, the economy had been devastated in the struggle.

After World War 2; In the year of 1959, for the ages of 35 and plus, there were only 54 men for every 100 women, with a total deficiency of 12.2 million men. People used to ate the grass to keep themselves from starving. But, Russia rebuilt itself quickly. It accepts the postwar strategy by educating the people, modernization of industry, new civilization etc.

If we focus on self-development, we can achieve the goal. An Enlighted mind can become a Powerful base of our Country.


-Hiren Brahmbhatt

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