• Education


A long time ago
When flip phones were cool
And gas was still cheap
I started school
The rules were simple
They weren't much
"Just sit in your seat
And please, do not touch"
School bored me, I whined
My teacher would say
"Just wait 'till real school,
You'll beg us to stay"
I got to 'real school'
It wasn't much fun
I wanted it ended
I wanted it done
I hated subtraction
Their advice was sleazy
"Wait 'till middle school
You'll see this is easy"
When I did get there
Hope started to fade
Up went the stress
Down went the grades
My teachers were right
I now got subtraction
But they didn't mention
The part about fractions
When I told the teacher
That I'd gotten stuck
He said: "Get it soon,
Or high school will suck"
Soon as I was there
I learned of the wrath
Of algebra class
Somehow considered math
I once asked my teacher
About this 'knowledge'
Where would it get me?
One word: college

I was there before I knew it
With expectations high
Wasn't sure I could fulfil them
But it couldn't hurt to try

Boy was I wrong
After countless sleepless nights
And even longer days
I gave up on that fight

And from the teachers
That made us all suffer
"Sure this is hard
But real life is tougher"

I'm out in the world
I've found a career
And I do quote the words
From when they brought me here

When I heard these words
My heart did sing:
"There, that's your desk
Don't touch anything"