• Embroidery Tattoos - A Next Level Tattoos Arts

Embroidery Tattoos - A Next Level Tattoos Arts

Hello beamers hope you started your weekend to boom. I was bored & wanted to refresh my mind so I started surfing around the web. I found some useless site, but it was actually good for time pass.  Then I was reading an articles, some memes & then this post “Embroidery Tattoo”.

Ok, back to main topic, let start. 

Have you ever heard about this kind of tattoos? May be or maybe not. We heard Embroidery decorating, crafts on cloths but embroidery in body seriously?

Getting tattoos in body make you cool and attractive person, but that was inked tattoos right, but with Embroidery this is next level tattoos. But this tattoo is cooler than inked one. It gives you an almost 3d looks.

Check out some tattoo arts below & let me know in the comments what you think or you want to get one.







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