• Forlorn



I tossed under the warm blanket, adjusting the pillow to a more comfortable position. After a long day in the labs, the bed should have been a welcoming abode. But the restlessness was within. It'd been a long time since I had heard a word from my beloved.

We were both fighting our devils. While his were out there in the real world, mine were in my head. Since we had met, I had felt all my old wounds and weaknesses resurface, the ones I thought I had grown past, with a greater intensity. This time it was a lesson I'd taken quite long to battle through. Going through a greyscale playback, it was the same room, sleepless nights, violent tendencies and a strange rush of adrenaline, a void that no amount of love would fill.

I removed my earphones and tucked them away, pulling the blanket even closer. My body finally claimed it's right to rest.
The phone buzzed. I opened the mail with barely suppressed anticipation.
              "Lots of things to do rn.
      Yeah. Me too. Sad."
Finally a consolation to my desperate miss yous. When my eyes opened from the restless drowse, I realized my texts were still subject to a rude silence. This silence is what my devils loved to feast upon. The silence was their opportunity to roar, dragging me back to what I had escaped long ago. The problem was, they sounded more reasonable and any moment now, I could buckle.

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