• Gender Equality- A Biased Concept!

Gender Equality- A Biased Concept!

Let me narrate the small conversation in the one social function,

 The few men were chatting about the business, the boy passing by them hear it and joined them. Obviously, the group welcomed him and they got busy in the discussing the aspects of the latest tax changes. 

Err, you find it normal right?

Let me change the story little bit, the girl joined instead of the boy.  According to me, it shouldn’t make any difference Right? 

But it made the difference! The eyes were on the girl when she joined that group, few have the questions too.

How can she just walk to debate the business that too with the group of guys?    

She must be a spoiled kid, who doesn’t have manners!

Look at her, how bold she’s, Bhenji, I told you, the educated girls of today, don’t have the common sense of socialization!

 You definitely have heard these things, don’t you? Well, even I did and also being taught that it’s better to be silent in this kind of situations.

 Again the normal story, let me made one more change!

Few men were chatting about the business and a girl walked in to join them. They gritted her and the conversation went on, isn’t it the happy looking story?  It’s the business convocation and the girl was one of the directors of the well-known company.

There were no questioning eyes on her and everyone quite happy on hearing her.

After narrating the 3 same stories with few changes, I hope you get my point!  

With the developing era, people have accepted the women being a boss and also as a consultant for the business. But do they accept her chatting her with the group of men about business, instead of playing the sanskari bahu or betti role? Here, with all respect to the traditions and personal feelings, why can’t females also be part of the equivalent socialization norms? 

Well, I am not a feminist but I am not happy with the scenario where the respect is based on the gender rather than knowledge!  


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