We all want to be happy, it's very obvious. Everyone wants to stay happy make others happy. But ever wondered what exactly is happiness and where can you find it?
In the mountains so far away from your daily life? Or in the corner of your room? I've heard people saying "HAPPINESS IS EVERYWHERE" but never felt it until I tried to look for it. Some things are typical, that we hear everyday. Things like "try to find happiness in small things /try to be happy alone" etc. We even preach these things further but without applying it on ourselves. We try to spread smiles while carrying a lot burden on our own hearts and heads. ((we try to make our loved ones happy)) . But when  it comes to our own self why do we just try to depend on others?! We always  give the key to our happiness  to others; don't  we?

To be happy to stay happy is completely your choice.  YES IT IS!  We're not waiting for somebody to grant us the permission to be happy. Trust me! 
Few years  back when I joined social media I made many  "FRIENDS " . I started  laughing  and crying  with them . They became the best part of my life directly making them the only source of happiness for me. I was totally dependent on them for my own happiness too. I got sad if they were sad. They completely took the control over my feelings. I was ready to do anything to make them smile and happy because I loved them. I considered it my duty to make them happy. Unfortunately they started to LEAVE!  I cried : I started  blaming  myself  for things I never did. Because that's what I was supposed to do as the people who made me happy were no more by my side. Then my "broken  heart " decided to leave social media so that the memories of those people could stop haunting me :) then what?  I got back to real life and real people!  I started spending time with myself more. Though crying at nights remembering "my people " and hurting myself continued.

They say, Time heals everything. It really does. I started to stay happy without  them again. Because I took that "key of happiness " back from them.  I was happy  to find  myself,  to know  myself,  to make  myself strong enough to walk alone. I started talking to people I started  making  friends  again.  But this time the "key" was safe. Once the toxic  people  are out of your life you're happy again!  Yeah that's  the 1st secret of happiness.  Just swipe out all the toxic people from your life. People who always  make you feel low are not really your "friends", friends are there to pick you up not to pull you down. And see 50% of your happiness will be back! And for the rest  you gotta work for yourself. While  thinking about other people make some time for yourself too. Find out what makes you happy. Be your  own best friend. Take the best care of yourself. Laugh EAT, DRINK, DANCE, TAKE PICTURES, GIFT YOURSELF!  just do whatever  makes YOU HAPPY!  because  that's  what matters at the end.

Everyday  when you  wake up do not forget to tell yourself how blessed you are. You should know how amazing you are and you deserve every bit of happiness. When you do not depend on others to be happy when you keep that "key" with  you forever; no one can even dare to make you sad. Depending  on others will always dissapoint you because at some point people leave anyway.

Try to find happiness everywhere. Try to  find happiness in  every little thing. Try to be happy  without  depending on others  . JUST HAPPY!! without caring  about anything or anyone. Life is too short to be sad.  Be happy stay happy & love yourself .


Lots of love ♥

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