Suppose the historians got it all wrong

Sticking names where those names didn't belong

And all the dead, buried somewhere

Would be pulling out all of their hair

If they read what was in the history books

And saw how we imagined their looks

Caesar would go, "That battle was won!"

And someone claiming they invented the gun

Or Shakespeare saying, "I didn't write that"

And Taft saying, "I wasn't that fat!"

And what people weren't credited for

Some dude going, "I discovered the pore!"

And "I'm not in the book for inventing the rocket?'

Or, "Does nobody care that I invented the pocket?"

I'll go out on a limb; I'll do that and say

That sometime not far from today

Things of the past will be a thing of the past

History will be that absolute last

Thing on anybody's mind

No one will care of what's left behind

And the dead will shout from under their grave

"You do not know what to you we have gave!"