• HR professionals or Rangoli makers?

HR professionals or Rangoli makers?

Going by the current trend of the internet calling HR professionals
just Rangoli makers in an organization... I, being an HR professional wanted to confirm..
YES, this is indeed true.

How you ask?
Let's consider the rangoli design of a beautiful flower.

A rangoli is a beautiful design of several colors coming together
which lightens up the entrance of any house/organization/society.
Just like how the HR is the welcoming point of any organization,
the first set of people any employee interacts with throughout his tenure in a firm.

The central part of the rangoli, the sole point which is a beginning the entire design,
is indeed the management of an organization which the HR needs to oblige and abide by at
each instant.The entire design needs to be created keeping the central point in mind.

Each of its petals are the different departments of an organization, which hold their
own identity and need to intersect at several points for co-ordination.
The HR smoothens this process and escalates any conflicts of interest in place
so that each department maintains its solidarity while contributing to the entire organization.

Each color that a petal or any component of a rangoli
has a significance of its own and each mix of color stands for the different employees
of an organization. The HR needs to find the right color set and right mix to suit
the design of the rangoli (or the structure of an organization)
If the mix of color isn't suitable, it will eventually make the entire Rangoli look worthless.

Lastly, a rangoli is lit up with beautiful candles or diyas ..which add more value to it.
Similarly, the lit up faces of employees is what the HR aims for at all times,
which adds value to an organization.

Hence, even when people throw rangoli colors on you, dear HRs,
make a design out of it and show them how it's done! :)