• Hit Refresh

Hit Refresh

We are living in the fast-paced world; we are more or less just running, towards our goal, money, fame, love. What we do in our life, what we say, what we post is just a click away. We want everything and we want it now.

The title “Hit Refresh” is actually new book coming out from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella


 but when I look at that title, I could not hold my self to write, there are so many life lessons and stories weaved in two words.

I am sure this would have happened to all, you search something on Google or Facebook or any platform, you don’t find what you looking for and everybody knows, only a few are brave enough to go to the next page, what would you do, Hit Refresh and suddenly there is new page on the same search history. This is the way of our life now.

Remember the time when we were so proud of our phone, Nokia and Samsung flip phone, those Symbian techs were magical those days, new games and app make us stick to our phone more and more, even we can search the internet from it, how cool was that?

Hit Refresh

Apple just launched its new iPhone, facial recognition to upgraded SIRI, some people are calling it a milestone in tech history, still, people are demanding more and more from them. Tomorrow’s magic is today’s technology.


We sat down on the floor, me and my friend along with 2 dozen neighbor, eyes front, desperately waiting and my grandma came and start the black and white TV, it was unclear so I went there slap on the back and voila!!!! It was Mahabharata on tv.


Hit Refresh


It was Sunday and my friend called me to meet up, I said no, I am watching Game of Thrones and then House of cards and then the arrow, I open my Netflix and start watching on my 6-inch screen.


I was walking around in street of Ahmadabad, holding her hand, it was almost a month when we meet again, we sat, we talk, we drink coffee and we kissed.

Hit Refresh

I don’t think it's working anymore and in a matter of seconds, its over.


So ultimately what I am trying to convey is life is not a Google search history, where you can just hit refresh and move on with a new one, but we also need to remember that if we fall behind in today’s trend it would affect us in many matters.

What we need is time to evaluate ourselves, breath, take a walk, get motivated, look around, travel more, why do two things at once if your life doesn't depend on it, look out for distraction, they are click bait pop-up ad which consumes your time.


Stop, look around, enjoy the moment, and take a deep breath.

And then open your mobile and

Hit Refresh.