• How To Create Online Travel Activity Booking Marketplace For Tour Operators And Adventure Activity Providers

How To Create Online Travel Activity Booking Marketplace For Tour Operators And Adventure Activity Providers

Stats and industry trends prove that online travel booking industry is growing rapidly. Go through following mentioned stats to know the current market and scope of online travel booking industry.

Starting a business in this niche is most profitable not only for big players of the industry but also for many startups.

There are lots of scopes to get funding for a startup because there are many investors, and fundraising portal that are looking for investing in travel-related startups.

To create an online travel booking portal that dominates competitors easily and becomes cash-cow, you need to do a little research work or simply by following the recommended solution mentioned below.

Here I’m sharing some best possible ways to create online booking software for tour operators and activities providers:

Use SaaS:

If you just want to check the market then you may consider this option. Building a big brand based on SaaS is not easy at all. So, research well before choosing SaaS-based service for your requirement.

Hire freelancers:

If you have a limited budget for development & also have basic knowledge idea about the development then you can hire freelancers but main problems with this option are no guarantee of quality, satisfaction, and timeline etc. You just need to trust on a team that you never know & never read about them. According to me, it’s little risky.  

Use website builder software:

Using website builder tools like Weebly & Wix is also a good option for launching an online travel booking website. They offer multiple themes to start online portal. But there are still some limitation and boundaries like no source code of your store, you can never migrate your store on another server, you need to pay them monthly or yearly basis, and limitation over customization are considerable worry.

Readymade Solution:

Choosing a ready-made solution is the best option so far to launch a website as per your requirements. You have countless reasons to choose a ready-made solution to create an online travel booking portal. Some key benefits of choosing ready-made solution are as follow:

  • Saving time
  • Hosting freedom
  • One time cost
  • Full source code
  • Demo availability
  • Fully Customizable
  • Advanced features

There are many more but above listed are enough to share in this article.

I highly recommend the readymade solution to you for launching a website for tour operators and activity providers. As per my analysis, FunAway (Travel activities marketplace solution) top in the list of readymade solutions for your requirement. But, I'd like to suggest you check it properly at your own parameters before investing. Use this link to explore FunAway.

If you still have any further queries, please feel free to share with me through comment.

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