• How can startups stay Inspired and Productive at the same time?

How can startups stay Inspired and Productive at the same time?
It is truly believed that “ Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a communication to excellence, intelligent planning and focused effort”. (By- Paul J. Meyer)
Well, starting your own startup? So, just an important reminder for all the
newbies who are setting up a milestone as an entrepreneur.
As a startup entrepreneur, your business might take time to achieve business goals. Believe it or not... it’s an ugly truth, which you should be aware of!!
When you aren’t motivated, inspired enough you won't be moved to convey the startup where it ought to go.
Being an entrepreneur, you would accept the fact that Enthusiasm is the only fuel to the car of your business.
These are the factors which move hand in hand... Reduction in any ingredient of your recipe for success and to achieve your goal can spoil the whole business.
Setting up a startup might turn into any of the case:
The first one, a startup which is always focused on its goals, just thinking about “Me” perspective and is nerve-racking. Where on the other hand, a startup which is inspired, employee friendly, believes in the fun at the work environment, thinks about “We” perspective and is totally motivating.
And the result you might guess, which startup will ultimately come out with the flying colors!!
So here we bring you some tips for staying motivated, productive and inspired:
No distraction.. Please

The most important... take control of all the distractions which is coming into your way to success which can be either communication tool.Don’t forget to motivate your employees... Ultimately the success is dependent on them only.. Isn’t it??? Setting up a positive workplace culture boosts up your employee motivation and can give a positive result.
Small wins

As a pioneer, you need to set aside the opportunity to stop and commend wins, regardless of the possibility that they are little, yet may mean a great deal to the group. You need to realize what makes a difference to them as a group and independently. Appreciate how far have you come and for the present overlook how far you need to go. This will rouse the group with new vitality and force to proceed with full throttle.
Believe your employees are your partner in success

The best approach to do it is by regarding them as your partner. The meaning of an "organization" is that accomplices can't be requested; rather they must be induced.
Don’t ever underestimate fresh mind

As we all know, college graduates are the people with a fresh mind and are always seeking to gain knowledge and experience. They can do wonders if treated and guided in the right way, which can polish their skills and give productivity to your business
These were some tactics which can make your business and break your business. The call is yours, ultimately the boss of your startup is only “You”.