• How to become a Freelancer: The Ultimate Guide to Freelancing

How to become a Freelancer: The Ultimate Guide to Freelancing

To become a Freelancer is the easy part, getting an actual work is the hard part.

I am happy that more and more people are starting to write and become a freelancer because this is one is the easiest ways to earn lots of money if you get the hang of it.

if i talk about my perspective on freelancing, i started as a content writer, for that You need to learn proper grammar first (after 6 months and 1000+ articles, I am still struggling with grammar) you need to learn to write professionally. Read all the articles on a website like Forbes and Indian inc. there are many different types of content. So learn according to them

i will mention what to look for and how to learn content writing and as well for anyone who wants to start as a freelancer. 

Website content: mostly website contains are for “about us” page and “product description”. You need to write whole website content which won't be that hard if you know what you are writing. Most of my clients give me another website to get an idea of how to write. Do research and come up with killer content, so you can showcase your work to others.

Articles and blogs: I get my most of work for this. You know those top 10 type articles or some serious topic like a loan and all. Few blogs are product related which would be published on the website which was selling that product. So it will be easy to write those. Once you understand what they are looking for, there is nothing to stop you.

Small articles: this one is a headache, you see, now our clients are getting smarter, they will ask you for your price for 1000 words and then give you 300-word articles. So after writing 3 articles, you will be paid for 1000 word amount. But it's easy to write 1k word article because you need to research only one time, for 300 words, you need to research for the same amount and pay is less. Be aware of those.

Now one more thing to understand before you jump into the freelancing work.

Getting Paid

Yes, one thing you cannot compromise for. As you know in freelancing work, you don’t see your client or know anything about them. You just need to assume that they are a nice person and will pay. That won't happens every single time. I get cheated by people whom I trusted, they will pay for your earlier work upfront and then give you some bulk work. After completing those work and submitting to them. They will disappear. Your work and effort will be wasted. So choose wisely and get paid by articles or weekly. Don’t do the monthly work, you don’t know what happens after a month. Just because of this, I have started working only for the website which offers deposit security.

Now if we come to the website which you can use to kick-start your freelance career. There are many, some are only for expert and some are for us.

Frelancer website to get work 

Truelancer: this one is my favorite; I get so many works from here and also get ratings. They have almost all legitimate clients. Some of them might take you out of the website. Don’t do that. Even if you can talk to them on whats app or email( which are not allowed, but still they are doing it) always asked for getting paid on truelancer. They will charge 10% of your total payment, but if you want peace of mind, give those away.

Freelancer: this one is one of the largest freelancing sites. You visit there, search for the work and hit enter and few seconds later you hit refresh, you could see many new jobs will be posted there. But as its one of the biggest, you will face the competition too. After 3 months, I still didn’t get any work from there. But they are also secure and safe to work with.

Worknhire: 3 month ago this was one of the cleanest places to get a job, now they are just full of spammer and fraud. Be aware of them and always work on the website.

Upwork: this one is for the elite and expert freelancer, you can find much freelance writing work but will struggle for sure as there are many who are working there for last 5 or 6 years.

Peopleperhour: hourly based freelancing, where you can start working at 10$ per hour which is really hard to get. Also or experts.

Fivver: it's like Flipkart or Amazon for the freelancer. You need to write what you can do and post a gig on it. the client will see it and contact you for the work. It's totally opposite of all the other website. They offer gigs which start at 5$.

Remember, always work on the website, always insist to get paid on the website. You can share your contact detail but never send your work on their email, they will run away.

I am also the rookie in freelancing work but I have learned a lot and work a lot. One thing I regret the most is not doing this earlier as now rates are going down and freelancing is getting more and more populated. Find your way out of it by creating something unique and creative.

One more thing.


Every single one of this website gives you the option to create a portfolio, you can submit your previous work and client will look at it to know how good you are and can be able to write it or not. I suggest making a portfolio on Google drive too. Share it with people and also while you bid on the project( if you want to know how to bid, search it on Google, its very important and kind of work as the first impression)

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Try finding work on LinkedIn and Facebook as well.

All the best.