• How to build an effective personal Twitter profile

How to build an effective personal Twitter profile

Twitter is catching up & it’s catching up rapidly. Be it individuals or brands, they seem to be getting on Twitter rapidly & why not, it’s the most happening social platform these days. But how many of them manage to build an effective Twitter profile? While I surf my timeline, I still see many profiles which lack that spark.

The first impression is the last impression & this is no different on Twitter or any social profile for that matter.

Every social profile is an identity, your identity. Here I am listing few pointers so that you will have a perfect Twitter profile. 

Invest some time in writing a perfect bio

You have only 160 chars here so make sure to be choosy in what you want to include. People will decide whether to follow you or not on the basis of your bio. Leverage 160 chars wisely. Tell the world who you are, what you do. Include keywords related to your profession. Add your website/blog link, birth date & bio. Assume your Twitter bio is just your micro resume.

Right profile photo won’t do any harm

Don’t be an egg-head, also don’t try to add a cartoon, celebrity photo as your profile photo. True identity will help in gaining other people’s trust & give them the confidence to follow & interact with you. Be it a selfie, portrait or a funny shot, let it be yours. Make sure the photo dimension is anything around 400x400 pixels or 500 (w) x500 (h) pixels.

Header photo will catch attention

Just like your bio & profile photo, header photo is also important and will help in gaining other people’s attention. Let your header photo shout about your profession, your skills. Even if you are not a Photoshop pro, you can create a custom designed header photo in Canva. They have pretty amazing templates which you can use & start playing around to come up with a header photo for your profile. Header photo that’s 1500 (w) x 500 (h) pixels will work best. It’s all about how you want to be perceived by other people on Twitter. So take it seriously.

Originally published at www.nikhilswad.com on August 15, 2017.