• How to stop over thinking?

How to stop over thinking?
First of all, you must understand why you want to stop over thinking?

Over thinking clutters your mind with unnecessary thoughts and you lose clarity. Lack of clarity creates a certain kind of anxiety or unstable feeling within you. When you withdraw your attention from external world or environment and focus it on your inner world, then objects of attention are thoughts, emotions and feelings. The most materialistic of all the three objects is thought. When too many thoughts arise in your mind, they make it difficult for your attention to remain stable and it breeds stress, indecisiveness and procrastination. Due to increased thought density which your intellect is not capable of handling, you experience an urge or force to want to stop over thinking. So, you must understand that, you don’t want to stop over thinking, but you want clarity.

Methods to create clarity:
1. The very realisation that you are over thinking is the first step towards getting in good terms with your thought process or mind. So, congratulations! You are already on the first step to achieve clarity.
2. Never give your mind a command that you want to control it. Because the mind has a tendency to become more wayward once it knows that you are trying to control it. It's like when you try to hold the sand tightly in your hand it will slip more quickly. As I explained above you just want clarity, you don't want to control your mind or thoughts.
3. Listen to a soothing instrumental music whenever you feel like over thinking. Alpha-music is best to reduce thought density in your mind.
4. When you feed your body with wrong food it may results in diarrhoea.Similarly, if you are feeding your mind with negative information or unnecessary information through various audio-visual channels like, T.V, face-book, you-tube, WhatsApp etc. , then you are bound to go through mental diarrhoea. So, practise silence for few minutes every day by completely avoiding T.V, mobile, face-book etc.
5. Create a circle of no-concern in your mind.It means, avoid spending time on thinking about the things that you can't change or that you can  do nothing about. Most of the time we allow our mind to indulge on subjects on which we have no control, for example, when you are  stuck in a traffic, you would lose temper and curse people, roads, government, nation and what not.You know that your shouting and screaming is not going to change anything then why to disturb your inner mental environment.If you find yourself in a position to do something about the situation, then do it and if you can't do anything, then acknowledge and let it go.
6. Practise meditation or Pranayama every day. These exercises have very profound positive impact on your mind.I will explain them in details in upcoming blogs.
7. Practising Yoga everyday will enhance your mental faculties like attention, concentration and clarity. You will experience an amazing enhanced connection between your body, mind and inner intelligence or soul. It will enhance your awareness or consciousness and where there is awareness there is light and clarity.
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