• I Will Adjust

I Will Adjust
Vijay and Suvarna are my uncle's children.  The uncle was third  of six of my mother's brothers. His wife was a lifelong follower of Radha Soami Satsang. Since my aunt was a follower of the philosophy of the Satsang my cousins grew up  lifelong vegetarians. So one day more than a decade ago a match was decided for Suvarna. Venkateshwara Rao, a distant relative of mine an NRI settled in US. So the proposal is going through talks among the families and Vijay asked his sister "Your prospective husband is a non vegetarian what are you going to do?"
Suvarna replied "there won't always be people with the same preferences as us"
Vijay asked again but you have to cook that stuff!
Suvarna replied "I will adjust."
They got married and have been living happily in US. 
A couple of years ago the couple was visiting India and I happened to meet. I invited Mr Venkat for a feast in my village where there were going to be a lot of non vegetarian delicacies, he said I am vegetarian now and declined the invitation. I asked did he turn vegetarian out of health concerns. For which he explained Suvarna doesn't eat so basically she doesn't cook, she tried to cook for me in the beginning but it was me who voluntarily gave up non vegetarian so as to escape her culinary sensations. Sometime later after we parted ways, I remembered the conversation between Vijay and Suvarna where she said I Will Adjust, well she did adjust the husband.  :)
P.S. I recollected this real life incident today morning when a fellow tweep asked, Now why will a veg girl marry you! After I posted a pic of me cooking mutton curry