• I'm 'friendzoned'

I'm 'friendzoned'


Friendzone- A new disease which most of the teenagers and youngsters suffer from.

What actually is friendzone? When you like someone who only likes you as a friend, i.e. they don't like you romantically. Congrats, you've been friendzoned!

People who friendzone you generally treat you like a friend they share everything with; they think you're ideal, but not for them. And sometimes, they even play with you like their personal favorite toy for pastime!

Now, people really overrate being friendzoned. Especially boys. Chill boy, girls get friendzoned too, a lot. It's a really normal wish to have our crush and dreamgirls/dreamboys like us back. It is something common. But just remember, they are not obliged to like you back. After all, the heart only wants what it wants!

Now the real problem is their disregard for your feelings. They keep playing with it. And what do you do? You still long for them, like an idiot.

"You hate it, you can't take it, but you still keep going back to them."

You see, that's the problem. You can't move on. You keep crying about having been friendzoned. Get out of your misery! Treasure someone who treasures you back! Find someone who actually cares for you! Not someone who only calls you in need. Remember, for every time you get friendzoned, you have friendzoned someone too, maybe knowingly, maybe unknowingly. Karma is a bitch, honey.

How to overcome it? You don't need to! Move on and wish them happiness. Stop destroying yourself by still loving them.

There is always someone for you. They will come to your life at the right time.