• Insecurities


Everyone on this Earth has insecurities, period. Whether they would like to admit it or not, most people have just as many as you do. And having them can be a real bitch to deal with on a daily basis. They stop us from doing thousands of things that we would love to do. Talk to your crush (guilty), ask for that raise you know you deserve, enter that writing contest (guilty), apply for that job that you feel under qualified for but you know you would kill at (guilty), starting that blog, YouTube or podcast (guilty, guilty and guilty.) And multitude of other things I could list here. I know my insecurities have stopped me from living the life that I want. And honestly, that’s quite sad to think about. A lot of them I have held onto for decades thinking that they are true to who I am. I really wish I had learned early on that holding on to these “beliefs” would hurt my growth and development as a person. Had I known that, I would have started working on this shit years ago. I guess I thought it was just me being lazy and not wanting to do the work in order to achieve my life goals. Not having a single clue that was totally not my problem. I would psych myself out of doing or trying something before I even gave it a try. Basically because in my mind I knew that I would fail. I just knew without a doubt that it wouldn’t work out. So why bother?  So what does one do when they want to overthrow insecurities but don’t know where to start? There isn’t a clear cut, step by step manual for this sort of thing. Different people require different approaches to help them along the way. But I can tell what I have been doing to work on my own.  I started giving more focus to the things I can do as opposed to what I couldn’t. I’m currently on a weight loss/ get healthy journey. I have been struggling a bit to get my next goal of 10 pounds off. It had become all I thought about and that was started to mess up my positive thoughts. I was becoming scale obsessed and doubting that this weight loss thing could be done.  I pay more attention the things I like about myself. No matter how many insecurities you may have, there is at least one thing that you like about yourself. If you can’t think of one off the top of your head, deep deeper because it is there. It can be something as small as you liking your own handwriting. Or something more significant to you loving the fact that you have a big heart. Once you think of one thing, chances are more things will come to you. Try your best to not let your insecurities keep you down. Don’t let that little bastard in your mind keep you from becoming the person you want to be. Or achieving any goal that you have. Remember that you are not the only one that is doubting something about themselves. Despite what people on all of social media may present to you.