• International woman’s day: Google doddle, hype, and hocus pocus

International woman’s day: Google doddle, hype, and hocus pocus

One thing I want to clear out earlier, I loved today's Google doodle, not because of its empowering woman’s all around the world, but the story around it. I love a good story, I am a sucker for stories that take you somewhere, just unplug you from your place and throw you.

Now back to the woman's day part, yes today is international women day. Boo hoo, you got, mothers day, sister day, a whole week of Valentin's day and now you are celebrating woman's day internationally, I think when Jesus dies and we started the calendar system, he didn’t know that people will be celebrating women more than himself.

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I am not against celebrating woman's day, its good, all the woman come together and celebrate but its more about the world to acknowledge the fact that, how much women are important in our life. Let's say them thank you and appreciate them for just one day because we all know what will happen tomorrow. That celebration is as same as the promise form politician.

My main question was, why a woman needs one day to show the world that they are matter, they do exist and they need to be treated fairly. Why can't a woman be like this always? Remember that, right now you are sitting at some place and reading this at peace when someone is becoming next victim of #MeToo.

Yes, women do need to struggle for a long time. To become a voter to have a freedom to choose their own life partner which doesn’t always need to be a man. I mean for those women who always get second look and second chance at every single time. They are not a good writer, they can lead a team, they cant be good at technology, I hope you are not that naïve to know that its all misconception and misunderstanding which was spread by none other than man.

Man, yes me and millions other, they are the reason why you are not at a place where you should be. Man are the reason you didn’t get your favorite job, because of man, you have to struggle for your right, you have struggled for your freedom, you need to fight the battle every single time to make a decision by yourself. Yes, we are to blame and it’s not your fault.

But that means are you going to make us sole perpetrator. It wasn’t us when you failed in an exam or made a wrong decision to love some. It wasn’t a man who didn’t let you win or take away your job. It's purely based on your ability on not based on intervening of a man. That mindset needs to be changed.

When #MeToo campaign started and every single woman joined it, there some man(like me) who supported you. whenever something wrong happens to a woman, we also support them. We have also cheered when Indian woman cricket team reached to semi finale and we all cried when nirbhaya died. We are same and I always believed that if a woman just throws away their mentality of keep blaming the man for every single wrong thing happing to them, they might actually move forward.

On a lighter note, I saw something today which really made me laugh. To celebrate international woman's day, some woman came to their office wearing sari’s. now what made me laugh was, they were wearing so much makeup that it looked like snowfall in the game of throwing. They came prepare like it was a wedding. One thing they forgot that saris are not the true symbol of strength and freedom. For centuries, girls have been wearing sari every single day and it's not because they wanted to but it was ordered them to.

Saris are not the sign of traditional Indian, its sign of chain and lease which our society has thrust upon you. You are a girl and you need to know how to wear a sari because that’s the last thing you ever wear after marriage. Its like black people celebrating their slavery. Well, that’s my point of view because girls are just going gaga over saris, even if its uncomfortable, pure boiling pot and heavy as hell, you gotta wear what you want a girl.

 So I would like to leave with one question, wouldn’t you like to get respect and attention every single day or are satisfied with just one day to be recognized as a woman.