• Just another traffic jam in Bangalore

Just another traffic jam in Bangalore

Girl driving the car has just got down with the keys in her hands and yelling "I can't take it any more" and now there is huge traffic jam.


Honking Honking and more honking. Hey Sonu Nigam , one tweet to stop this. AF I have been forced to wake up from my sleep in the Bus

Well, back to the drama. She is still yelling. Is it the Boyfriend or Traffic? Everyone is trying to figure out.


Her Bf has come out of the car and trying to get the keys from her.

She is adamant on resolving the issue first before they get in the car


One Aunty has stepped in for mandwali. "Beti, Pati ki baat man lo aur beth jao na" "Excuse me, Pati hoga aapka, He is just my Cutie Pie"

The Cutie Pie is looking more like Chicken Kabab right now, all Red. "Get in the car, NOW" "NO" "People are looking" "Woh to I'm hot na,so"


"Nahi Bhen,you are not HOT, weather is" Damn, She heard that. "Escuse me, I was Miss Fresher in ma Uni in 2007" "Ok" "Say Sorry" "Huh"


Girl:"Babu, yeh dekho tumhari Baby ko Sorry nahi kh rha" Bf: "Bhai bol de na" Me:"Tu to bol de phle and take her in car" Girl:"Mela Babu kyu bole"


"Cos you fought with ur Babu and came out of the car. NO?" "Hmara to chalta hai na" "But uske karan Traffic nahi chal rha na, Bhen"


Let me say Sorry for Greater Good. One for the Nation.

And now she is telling her Cutie Pie to learn from me while walking back to car.


Well. in case you are figuring out what just happened. So am I. Ever Since 2014.

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